Ilkay Sökmen

Glass Technologies Director, Şişecam, Istanbul, TK

Dr. İlkay Sökmen received her BSc, MSc and PhD in Chemistry from Hacettepe University in Turkey. She worked as a Research Assistant at Hacettepe University for 5 years before joining the Şişecam Research & Development Department in 2003. She worked as a Researcher for 10 years before becoming Surface Technologies Manager in 2014. She was appointed as Coating Technologies Director in 2019 and she has been serving as Glass Technologies Director since September 2021. She is the author or co-author of 13 peer-reviewed papers, 2 book chapters, holds 1 patent, plus 1 pending patent application. Dr. Sökmen is a member of the Coordinating Technical Committee of International Commission on Glass.

10:30 - 11:00 AM

Day - 2 11 Feb

Glass Creates Value

Glass, one of the materials that have changed the history of humanity, is among the products of the future enabling innovative and sustainable solutions for many sectors in addition to its traditional uses. The glass industry, which provides long-term value with its constantly developing and expanding usage areas, promises endless potential in creating a sustainable future. Once it has been transformed to be a product in the form of a container, tableware, architectural or automotive application, glass is one the most environmentally neutral, safe and functional material we use. Based on this, the presentation will provide informations about innovative glass products that contribute to sustainable growth and add value to life, such as automotive and architectural glasses with functional coatings that provide significant energy savings by reducing heating and cooling needs, antireflective architectural glasses, antimicrobial glassware, the world's thinnest yet most durable glassware and 100% recyclable glassware.