Peng Shou

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Board Chairman of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd.

Prof. Peng Shou, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), expert of glass new materials, is chief engineer of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., board chairman of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. and vice president of the Chinese Ceramic Society.

Prof. Peng Shou has developed the world-class 30μm flexible ultra-thin glass (UTG), the first high-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate independently developed in China, the first Chinese neutral borosilicate glass tubing for vaccines, the CIGS power generation glass with the highest efficiency in the world, and serials of glass new materials. He has been awarded with many prizes and received many weighty honors, including President Award of International Commission on Glass, Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award, Medal of Leadership in Advancement of Ceramic Technology of the American Ceramic Society, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Science and Technology Innovation Award etc.

10:00 - 10:30 AM

Day - 2 11 Feb

Development and Trends of Glass Innovation Under Global Climate Change

As materials create a better world, glass ushers in future lifestyles. As a basic functional material with a long history of use, glass connects the macro-universe with microstructures of materials, thus promoting the advances of science and technology and the progress of human civilization. As the era of worldwide low-carbon economy has dawned, glass will play a greater role in clean energy, industrial transformation and infrastructural building, becoming a “bridge” to connect us to an international community with a shared future, and contributing the “power of glass” to the global response to climate change and the building of a sustainable society.