Julian Jones

Professor of Biomaterials at Imperial College London

Julian R. Jones is Professor of Biomaterials at Imperial College London (UK) and is known for his work on bioactive glasses and hybrid biomaterials (“Bouncy Bioglass”). He has more than 170 journal articles and is a Fellow of the Society for Glass Technology and Fellow of the American Ceramics Society. He has received the Vittorio Gottardi Award from the International Commission on Glass (ICG), the Robert L. Coble Award (American Ceramics Society) and served as Chair of the Bioceramics Division of the American Ceramics Society in 2020-21. He is currently Chair of the ICG’s Coordinating Technical Committee.

9:30 - 10:00 AM

Day - 2 11 Feb

Bioglass: Glass for regenerative medicine

In this talk, we celebrate 50 years of Bioglass, a material discovered by Larry L. Hench in 1969. It was the first material found to form a bond with bone, changing the mind-set of orthopaedic surgeons. All previous biomaterials had triggered scar tissue formation. Bioglass bonds to bone faster than other bioceramics, and encourages more bone growth, which is attributed to the glass’ dissolution products stimulating bone cells at the genetic level. Bioglass particulate has been used in more than 2 million patients worldwide and is now an active ingredient in toothpaste for sensitive teeth. More recently, Bioglass has been used to fight bone infections; porous scaffolds have been produced; fibrous glasses are used for healing chronic wounds and nanoparticles can be used as delivery vehicles for therapeutic ions.