Falko Langenhorst

Professor of Mineralogy, University of Jena

Falko Langenhorst is professor for analytical mineralogy of micro- and nanostructures at the University of Jena, Germany. His research interests are in the fields of planetary geology and mineral physics. He is specialized in analytical transmission electron microscopy and experimental high-pressure techniques.

5:20 - 6:00 PM

Day - 1 10 Feb

Glass in space

Glasses form by various processes in space: space weathering, impacts, and igneous processes. The transition to glass occurs in space either by solid state processes or by melting/vaporisation followed by rapid quench. Despite its metastability, glass in space is sometimes even older than the solar system and thus bears unique information on pre‑solar processes. The talk will address the formation mechanisms and significance of glasses for understanding the processes in space.