Emmanuelle Gouillart

Scientific Director, Saint Gobain Research

Emmanuelle Gouillart is the scientific director of Saint-Gobain Research Paris. After a PhD in physics from Sorbonne Université and Imperial College, she joined Saint-Gobain’s R&D to work at the interface between industrial R&D and academic research. Her research team focuses on the understanding of mass transport in molten glass, with applications to the reduction of energy consumption in glass furnaces or the development of innovative coatings.

11.30 - 12.00 AM

Day - 1 10 Feb

Glass for Sustainable Construction

Glass is omnipresent in construction, where it is associated to light and solidity for glazings, and thermal insulation for mineral wool. I will present an overview of the performances of these materials and systems in construction. In particular, I will focus on how thin films and active technologies can optimize the optical and thermal properties of glazings, resulting in a reduction of heating and cooling energy consumption. Also, I will discuss the roadmap of the flat and insulation glass industries in order to reduce the carbon footprint of glass manufacturing.