Andrea S.S. de Camargo

Professor of Physics, University of São Paulo, BR

Andrea de Camargo is an Associate Professor at the São Carlos Institute of Physics, IFSC/USP and a principal investigator of CeRTEV. Her research focus is the development of optical and luminescent glassy, ceramic and host-guest materials. She is an Editor of J. Materials Science and a Scientific Director of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat).

3:20 - 3:40

Day - 1 10 Feb

Glass science in Brazil

Glass research in Brazil is relatively young but ongoing vigorous development. The first laboratory dedicated to the research of this paramount material was established 45 years ago, whereas in 1962, the Brazilian Association of Glass Industries (ABIVIDRO) was founded to promote and intensify the production and use of technical glasses. In 2013, a select group of 14 researchers at three major universities established CeRTEV – one of the world´s largest centers on the globe dedicated to the Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials. Together with other labs in the country, it has placed Brazil among the leading players in scientific and technological output in the area. In this talk, we will give a historical overview and future perspectives.