Your daily line-up of Social events.

Over the 3 days, opening ceremony guests will be able to relax, network and enjoy some scheduled social events. More information below.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 6:30 PM Welcome Reception

The day before official proceedings start, IYOG attendees with get the chance to network and enjoy the start of festivities at the FEVE and GPI sponsored welcome reception, hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva. 

THURSDAY, February 10, 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM Cocktails and Gala Dinner

IYOG opening ceremony guests will wine and dine at the SCHOTT AG sponsored evening of cocktails and delicious food prepared by world-class chefs at the Intercontinental Hotel. This is a perfect opportunity to meet fellow attendees, network and make plans for the incredible Year of Glass ahead. 

From 9th to 11th of February, UN Palace and Hotel Intercontinental Exhibitions of contemporary glass art

During the Opening Ceremony , IYOG attendees will have the opportunity to appreciate a selection of contemporary glass sculptures, on display at the UN Palace and the Hotel Intercontinental.

Curated by VERARTE and Permanent Mission of Slovakia, the exhibition will showcase works by Jan Zoritchak alongside Swiss-based glass artists Françoise Bolli, Hannes Bürgler, Fiona Byrne, Karola Dischinger, Kathrin Armbruster Seid, École suisse de vitrail et création, Caroline Ferrara, Sabine Gysin, Priska Jacobs, Ursula Knoblauch, Bernd Kniel, Justine McLaren, Bruna Olivet-Ara, Erna Sowersby-Piechna, Christoph Stooss, Helena Tapajnova, and Monika Waechter.

Yan Zoritchak (Slovakia, 1944) invites the viewer to an odyssey into space and time, in search of the origin of life and the place of man in the universe. His artworks “Echoes of the Universe” create fascinating microcosms and seem to imprison a piece of the cosmos inside. Glass makes it possible to materialize space and emptiness.

Founded in 1990, Verarte is committed to providing an environment for Swiss glass artists to share, collaborate and exhibit their work. This exhibition represents a broad cross – section of Switzerland’s glass art practictioners, and highlights the diversity of work by established and emerging artists. With over 40 active members, Verarte strives to develop and grow a community of glass artists as they adapt and perfect techniques to match their needs in the field of contemporary art, architecture and design. 

Location Intercontinental Hotel, Geneva

The Intercontinental Hotel is approximately 3 km from the central train station and city centre hotels. It is within walking distance of the conference venue. The city has good transport links.

Friday, February 11, 10 AM Visit to Ariana Museum

IYOG accompanying persons can join a guided tour of the historic glass collection at the Museum Ariana (30-45 min.) They will also be privy to an exclusive preview of Hubert Crevoisier’s temporary exhibition ” I’m blue, I’m yellow, I’m green glass… and I see red !” with the artist (30 min).

The Ariana Museum holds one of the most important glass collections in Switzerland. Fine Venetian glasses, a series of colorful Flühli bottles, Bohemian crystal glass, English rummers, Art Nouveau objects and contemporary designer pieces as well as glass sculptures illustrate the history of glassmaking.

I’m blue, I’m yellow. I’m green glass… and I see red!

In the melting pot of Hubert Crevoisier’s artistic practice (Switzerland, 1963), we find glass, colour and space. His installations, formal but never rigid, reveal with precision, sensitivity and modesty the palette of his intense world. His glass bricks and monoliths takes us into a poetic, vibrant, beneficent world.